Product overview

SR POS Overview:

All aspects of technology are in a constant state of evolution, and businesses must keep up with these trends to not only remain relevant, but also better connect with tech-savvy consumers. Point-of-sale systems are historically an important part of running any business, as they connect you with your inventory and sales information. Mobility solutions such as SR POS systems are proving to be a powerful evolution to the traditional sales system.

Through the use of a mobile application and tablet peripherals, you can extend your ability to run your company and facilitate greater sales. Waiters can serve tables and submit orders to your cooks and bar so your staff can begin preparing food before customers are even finished ordering. For retail sales, you can quickly obtain customer information to make online orders or check inventory of requested items. The use of a mobile component effectively allows employees to interface with customers wherever they are, rather than requiring you to take them to a stationary terminal.

SR POS: What to Look For

The capabilities of SR POS systems grow increasingly broad with each passing year.iOS and Android  are popular platforms for POS services thanks to its history of change and future of increased adoption rates by both consumers and businesses. The best systems to consider are those that give you the greatest level of influence over sales at your business. You should be able to do anything from capturing consumer information for online orders to processing meal payments to tracking inventory, all from the same interface.

The features provided on a POS system are largely dependent on your industry. If you manage a restaurant, consider a system that allows you to monitor seating and table availability, ordering food, and processing payments. If you manage a retail store, consider a solution with strong emphasis on inventory tracking. This type of software should integrate with popular accounting software, communicate across multiple devices for up-to-date information regarding inventory and seating, and give your consumers a way to easily make purchases through their own mobile devices.

Peripherals & Terminals
While SR POS software is designed to operate on Android tablets and ipads, some services offer terminal setups and peripherals to augment your mobile solutions. Some peripherals allow you to turn your tablet into a register, complete with credit card reader and bar code scanner. Some POS services even offer a terminal as part of the system bundle and give you the software you need for your Android tablet as an additional feature.

If this is your first foray into the realm of SR point-of-sale systems, support from the manufacturer is invaluable. Not only can support representatives help you set up the initial POS system, and possibly the server to run it all on – they can also assist with connecting your Android tablet devices and get you in a position to begin adding inventory, item prices and other customer-tracking methods. Support isn’t just there to ensure day-to-day business is functioning smoothly; it’s also there to help get you started and utilize all features of your POS system to their full potential.

Mobile technology is making its way into many facets of business, and many companies realize the benefits it offers. Not only will you be more in control over the sales process, but you’ll find it easier to increase sales and facilitate a positive buying experience for customers. Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store, using SR POS system greatly increases your ability to assist customers and give your employees greater ability to sell.