Frequently Asked Questions

SR Point of sale is a unique billing software for iPAD and Android Tablets that allows you to manage your multiple stores from anywhere in the world. The cloud technology will help you to avoid loss of data.

How does it save the hardware expenses?

Compared to the traditional touch screen POS systems, which require more than 1000$ investment, you can kick start your business with an investment as low as 400$ with your iPAD or Android tablets and a thermal printer.

How does this system minimize my monthly expenses ?

The advantage of having a cloud based POS system is that, all the data is saved in a centralized server. Our two way synchronization technique will help you reduce the man hours of your employees.
By changing a product price from one store, the price will be changed automatically in all the devices of the company.
Every transaction in any of the stores will be stored at the cloud server and you can avoid your expenses of generating reports.

What if the internet connection disconnects ? Does this work offline too?

Yes, it does work in offline mode too. The issues like lack of internet connectivity will not affect your daily business. Once our smart app detects the internet connection, it starts the synchronization process.

How secure is the data?

Your data is perfectly secure on a cloud server in one of the best hosting service providers in the world. Your data is saved on a virtual private server with

How can i manage multiple stores from my home?

SR Point of sale has been customized to meet this requirement. Every transaction in your stores can be monitored by you from anywhere in the world. Just install skype in the iPAD or Android tab that is fixed at your store. And you can monitor everything virtually.

When can you start with my project?

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What are the differences between free app and paid app?

features of paid app

features of paid app

Do you offer support if i'm experiencing problems?

Ofcourse we do, After your company is registered with us and when your licenses are active, we assign a customer relationship manager for your business who will be assigned with the responsibility of supporting you.