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Android powers thousands of mobile devices around the world and beyond any doubt, it is the largest installed base of any mobile platform that is growing faster with every passing day. Every day millions of people power up their mobile phones and tablets with Android and start exploring the apps, games and other features. This advancement in technology has proved to be a boon for business to better connect and serve tech-savvy consumers. Portable Android POS evolved as a power house for businesses of any size and this is just the beginning; thanks to the increased adoption of technology by both consumers and businesses.

Through Android POS, one can extend their business and facilitate greater sales with absolutely Zero hassles and Zero waiting time.

SRPOS presents standalone and highly intuitive Point of sale application for Android tablets that meets the growing demands of businesses of any size. It’s amazing how easily SRPOS transforms the sophistication of traditional POS systems in a truly portable form and deliver the same results at a fraction of cost. From Stock migration to Employee performance report, now you can access all the information on you Android tablet in a jiffy with just a click.

Finally, the time has come now to take Android tablets to your customers be it for taking orders, or paying bills and cut down the waiting period and increase your sales with the best ever customer service.

Never miss a sale with SRPOS as it requires neither wifi nor POS station, so grab your android tablet and complete your deal on-the-go and it is as simple as that! Truely versatile, SRPOS is equally efficient and saves lots of overhead expenses when compared to any traditional POS as all that you need is an Android tablet to run your business. SRPOS is the only 2-way synchronization cloud-based POS that saves your data over the cloud giving you complete access to the information you required in a jiffy. Now, you don’t need touch screen monitors, bar code scanning machines or hard disk to run you business and all you need is an Android tablet with SRPOS installed in it.

SRPOS is ideal for use in Restuarants, food courts, coffee shops, cafes, or anywhere else where a mobile POS is required. Now checking seat/table availability, taking orders and processing payments is pretty simple eliminating waiting period and leading to happier customers.

SRPOS is the Professional, affordable and portable POS system you are looking for. For more information on SRPOS products and services, get in touch with us or call us at.